People in the Park: Story 4

Rodney and Jenny Long, who are jogging together around the lake, call the park their second home. Running relaxes them and helps them think clearly. About three months ago, their lives changed when the agency Rodney had been working for abruptly went out of business. He had just been appointed department head, but that was of little use now. Jenny had no choice but to take the first job she found even though she hated the job and would have preferred to continue staying home with the couple’s two small children. Rodney has been searching diligently for another job in his field; however, so far his efforts have brought him nothing but headaches. He has taken over the job of caring for the children. It has been hard to get interviews because good job openings are scarce. His letters have mostly gone unanswered, his calls unreturned. Some time back, he got a call requesting him to come for an interview. Sadly, the interview fizzled as did two or three others, and lately he has been offered no interviews at all.

Setting out for the park this morning, both Jenny and Rodney were in a strange mood. It looked as if Rodney would have to broaden his job search to include other cities and even other states. As they jog around the lake, they agree on a new course for their lives: they will move to Oregon, a state they have both loved from a distance. The decision made, a pleasant excitement gently moves aside the anxious discontent of recent weeks.

On a separate sheet of paper, diagram the sentences of Story 4. Grammar information about the underlined words is found on the right.

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