They like fish, fruit, and salads,

Read novels and ballads,

Watch various shows on TV.

Their menuís nutritious,

Their readingís judicious,

And channel choice boosts their esprit.


However their marriage

Resembles a carriage

With room for one he and one she.

On their lifeís excursion

They crave some diversion

Lest both of them die of ennui.


Explicit permission

Precedes acquisition:

On promiscuousness they agree.

So they look around them,

Let nothing confound them,

Grab pleasure where pleasure may be.


Like captives or debtors

Sans some of their fetters,

They yearn to be totally free.

Who gets the condo?--

Whoa there, lentando--

Now who gets the baby Marie?


Before you contemn them

Or even condemn them,

Consider what they didnít see.

They thought, "If weíre open,

Thereís reason for hopiní

Itíll work out for thee and for me."


A few may be able

To dine at the table

of conjugal opulency.

The rest of us, brother,

Must learn from each other

To savor our crumpets and tea.

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