Flashcards of Sentence Diagramming


~ Learn to diagram sentences, one flashcard at a time. ~


by Eugene R. Moutoux

Flashcard 1 Subjects and verbs Flashcard 12 Retained objects, compound elements
Flashcard 2 More about verbs Flashcard 13 Infinitives
Flashcard 3 Nouns, pronouns, attributive adjectives Flashcard 14 Gerunds
Flashcard 4 Adverbs Flashcard 15 Participles
Flashcard 5 Predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives Flashcard 16 Adverb Clauses
Flashcard 6 Direct objects, indirect objects Flashcard 17 Adjective Clauses
Flashcard 7 Prepositional phrases Flashcard 18 Noun Clauses
Flashcard 8 Adverbial objectives Flashcard 19 Prepositional Phrases (2)
Flashcard 9 Vocatives, imperatives, coordinating conjunctions, the expletive there Flashcard 20 Infinitives (2)
Flashcard 10 Objective complements Flashcard 21 Participles (2)
Flashcard 11 Possessives, appositives Flashcard 22 Adverb Clauses (2)

Much of the material used on these flashcards is taken from my book Diagramming Step by Step

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