Holding Hands

On our first date,

I took her hand.

It felt perfect in mine.

We walked that day,

Hand in hand,

Through an ordinary shopping mall.


Hand in hand,

We walked together for 42 years.


On a sidewalk,

Along a beach,

On a country road,

Across a parking lot to a restaurant,

A store, or a school--

Whenever we walked side by side,

Her hand reached for mine

Or mine for hers.


On our dresser we kept an inexpensive statuette--

It is still there today,

A treasure with which I shall not part--

Of characters resembling Linus and Sally

Walking and holding hands.

At the bottom are the words

Love is walking hand in hand.

For me this is a truism.


Two weeks before her death,

We walked hand in hand

From our car to the emergency room.

It was the last time we walked together.


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