Gene Moutoux's Poetry

Uncle Remus Revisited

Bríer Fox, donít take umbrage at what I am going to say,

But rabbits are smarter than foxes most any olí day.

Your tar-baby stratagem pales next to my supplication

That you spare me traumatic impalement in briar damnation.


Your mental vacuity truly is rivaled by none.

Your mind is so dense, had it eyes, it could not see the sun.

In anger you tossed me smack-dab in salubrious thorns,

Forgetting that rabbits use briars like bison their horns.


A schism of talent exists betwixt your kind and mine:

A somnolent rabbit can outfox a fox every time.

Your virile pretensions will soon disappear, Iíve a hunch.

A voracious old wolf, look behind you, is ready for lunch.

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